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How To Operate Flat Out Reels

  • To unwind:
    • All products must be fully unwound before use
    • Hold Reel by handle and pull hose/cable to retrieve
    • Do not unwind by handle
Demonstration on how to use the space saving reel
  • To wind:
    • Place the hose in a fluent line so that the water will drain out easily
    • Line up the reel opening with the rubber guides; place plug in centre; push hose/cable through guides
    • Wind towards yourself with reel vertical or set on its feet
How to use the convenient camper storage reel
  • Connecting hose to van, etc:
    • place a nozzle on one end of the hose and close the nozzle
    • add water until the hose expands
    • lay or coil any excess hose under van
    • remove nozzle from hose and attach to vehicle
    • add water pressure or otherwise use as required
How the flat water hose connects to the motor home
  • NOTE: we also stock adaptors for American fittings
Power/Storage Reel demo video