Proudly Australian made

Storage Reels

Useful to everyone - from caravan owners, to tradies on the go, to the home handyman keeping his workshed tidy.

Power/Storage Reel demo video

Designed to protect and store Flat Out hoses, Multi-Reels are also sold empty to accommodate your own power leads, cables, special ropes, etc.

  • Australian Made with 3-year warranty
  • Constructed from heavy-duty impact-resistant plastics
  • Free standing or wall-mountable
  • Easy to stack front-to-front for compact storage
  • Fast and easy to wind and release

You can be as creative as you like with Flat Out storage reels. Check out how the guys at Towcam have taken our space saving reel and used it to enhance their underwater camera.

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Flat Out Multi Reel

M1- Multi-Reel


  • 44 cm high including handle
  • 37 cm diameter
  • 8 cm deep

$ 52.95

Power Lead Capacity Guide

Commonly power leads are sold as Household, Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty. We have measured cable diameters and winding lengths to produce the following approximate guide.

Lead Thickness Compact
Household (8 mm) 20m 40m
Heavy Duty (9 mm) 15m 30m
Extra Heavy Duty (15mm) 10m 20m
Flat Out Compact Reel

C1- Compact Multi-Reel


  • 37 cm high including handle
  • 30 cm diameter
  • 6.5 cm deep

$ 42.95

Also check out our Flat Water Hoses or Flat Sullage Hoses supplied on our Reels.
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Girls with the campers power cord reel