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Storage Reels

Power/Storage Reel demo video Flat Out Compact Reel

C1- Compact-Reel

Holds up to

  • 10m Flat Out drink water hose
  • 6m Flat Out sullage hose
  • 20m (15 amp) power lead

Over 20m heavy duty (15amp) powerlead requires a larger M-1

Dimensions - 300mm x 65mm

$ 42.95

no kinks
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Flat Out Multi Reel

M1- Multi-Reel

Holds up to

  • 12m or 15m Flat Out drink water hose
  • 9m Flat Out sullage hose
  • 40m (15 Amp) power lead

Holds 40m (15amp) powerlead or 35m heavy duty (15amp) powerlead.

Dimensions - 375mm x 80mm

$ 44.95

The Compact Reel and the Multi Reel - For Power Leads And Flat Hoses

Nifty space saving storage

Multi-Reels and Compact-Reels have been designed for neat and compact storage - they store face to face so that each handle slips into an opening on the other! The handles and winders have also been designed for easy use.

The Storage Reels are made of heavy duty impact resistant plastic and are designed and manufactured for Australia's harsh conditions.

The empty free standing reel adds to the ease of use by the domestic user, construction industries and rescue organisations.

Our reels are manufactured here in Australia by qualified and experienced manufacturers and have a 3 year guarantee!

You can order these reels online from $ 42.95 + a minimal postage and handling fee, or contact us for more information.

Also check out our Flat Water Hoses or Flat Sullage Hoses supplied on our Reels.

Limitless possibilities!!

You can be as creative as you like with the Flat Out storage reels. Checkout how the guys at Towcam have taken our space saving reel and used it to enhance their underwater camera.

Girls with the campers power cord reel