Proudly Australian made

Water Hoses

Drinkwater reel demo video Small water hose reel

C2- 10m Flat Drinkwater Hose
on Compact Reel

  • High flow
  • Food grade liner
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Tangle free storage
  • No need to dry
  • 3 year Guarantee

$ 142.50

non toxic
on space
drying or
Large Water hose for a motor home on a space saving reel

M2- 15m Drinkwater Hose
on Multi Reel

  • High flow
  • Food grade liner
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Tangle free storage
  • No need to dry
  • 3 year Guarantee

$ 187.50

The Flat Out drink water hose

Ideal for connection to caravans and motor homes using snap-on high quality brass fittings, our drink water hose is a scaled down fire hose with:

  • a food grade liner
  • non tainting
  • made from 100% polyester (no need to dry)
  • an internal diameter of 19 mm, which provides a high flow

Our hoses are available in 10m and 15m lengths with Snap Fitting permanently attached to each end, supplied with one 1" converter/reducer (catering for both Australian tap sizes).

Water hose can be used in many ways

Care of hoses

  • Avoid driving over hoses.
  • Take care not to puncture with sharp objects.
  • It is advisable to take pressure off any water hoses when unattended.

For instructions on how to wind the hose, see our 'Storage Reels' page.


Tips and Tricks

Flat Hose Care:

Avoid driving over the flat hoses.There is no requirement to dry the hose before storing on the reels.Do not pressurise any waterhose when unattended.

Filling Water Tanks:

There does not seem to be a uniform exterior fitting for water tanks in motorhomes, caravans or boats. We offer the suggestion below to assist you when filling your tanks.

Drinking Water Inlet Ordinary drink water hose with standard snap fitting.

Your campervan or motorhome will probably have an inlet that looks something like this one.

Cut off approximately 300mm of ordinary drink water quality hose and fit a standard snap fitting.

Connecting the ordinary hose to the flat hose Fill your Water Tank

Use the connector to join the Flat Out hose and the ordinary hose.

Insert ordinary hose in the tank opening; you are now ready to turn on the water supply tap and quickly fill up your water tank with ease.